What’s new in Version 5.0

There are lots of improvements in the new version you’ll find when you login on Monday. Here’s a summary of the main changes:

  • Single page form view from Dashboard – when you click on a form link from the Dashboard, instead of the old horizontal Workflow Manager layout, you’ll see a new layout showing the workflow fields, the form details and the audit trail – all on the same page. You can still update fields and update the workflow, just like before – but with everything on one page and no horizontal scrolling, we hope you’ll find this much easier to use.

  • Workflow Manager look & feel update – we’ve updated the Workflow Manager to match the cleaner, easier to read style of the Dashboard screen… no more tiny text and red lines! You’ll also notice the improved look on the User Management and Account Administration screens.

  • Hide columns in the Workflow Manager – when you’re using the Workflow Manager with complex forms, the screen gets very busy, so now you can hide the columns you don’t need by clicking the “Hide” boxes at the top of the screen. The system will remember your choices each time you log in, so the columns will stay hidden until you select “Unhide columns”

  • Lookup Match automation task – this new task allows you to compare data entered in a form to a lookup table. For example, you can check the NI number and surname entered against an upload of your member database. If there’s a match, you can pull data from the lookup into admin fields in your workflow, eg current balance, etc. (See the manual for more details)

  • Client-side image compression – when customers upload images, they will be compressed first. This will help reduce upload times on mobile devices.

  • Tweaks to the form confirm page and email – the CONFIRM button is at the top of the page now, so customers don’t miss it; the final page has a green “success” message and doesn’t show the form details again; and confirmation emails will be entitled “[Your credit union] confirmation” instead of the unhelpful “FORM INPUT CONFIRMED” message

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