Version 6 Release and new funtionality

We have just released a major update of cuForms which has some new functionality and major improvements.

Simple, logical menu

Your menu now has single-word options which appear in the order you're likely to use them. Don't worry that Workflow Manager has disappeared - it's now called Applications (because that's where you find all the applications your customers have made to you).

Unique application reference number

When you login to your dashboard, you'll notice that App ID at the top of the first column is clickable. If you click it, the column will switch to App Ref and you'll see we've created a new system of reference numbers which will assign a simple sequential number to applications submitted on each of your forms. You unique App ID will still be there in the background, and you can switch your view back if you ever need it - and the system will remember your preference.

So, for example, your membership applications in future will go 123, 124, 125, etc... without any gaps - making it easier for you to ensure you don't miss anything, and keeping your auditor happy. We've already assigned sequential numbers to all your historical applications, starting at 1 for each form.

The new Ref ID is what your customers will see on their confirmation emails, which will make communication easier.

Right now, the Ref ID you'll see on the dashboard will look something like this: 888/999 where 888 is your Form ID and 999 is the new sequential reference number. To make this easier to read, you can change the 888 "form prefix" from the Forms menu. Edit the form, choose EDIT FORM SUMMARY, and scroll down to Form Prefix. You can put whatever you like here... we'd suggest a simple prefix to help your staff identify which form has been completed: for example, you could use "MEM" for membership forms.

So, no on your dashboard, the membership applications will go MEM/22, MEM/23 etc., but there's one last thing you might want to change.

The Red ID your members will get will include a client prefix - which we've set for you as the first three letters of your organisation. So, if you're Acme Credit Union, your customers will be getting Ref IDs like ACM/MEM/22.

You might want to change this client prefix, and you can do so from the Account menu, where you'll find Client Prefix near the bottom of the page.

New dashboard summary report

Do you set targets for application forms? Do you want to know the number and value of application forms currently in the system? The new Dashboard Summary gives you weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for where your applications are.

From the Dashboard a summary link is now available

This will take you to the summary screen.