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We have been busy making changes behind the scenes at cuForms so if you haven't noticed this is a quick summary

We upgraded our server recently to reduce the load. You may notice faster page loading or no experience of the site being unresponsive.

We have introduced a common bond test that you can apply to your forms. So you can add a statement that says 'I live in ....' and cuForms will match the address postcode to your account settings and restrict applications. You can add a statement that says 'I work in ...' and this will pass the test. Take a look at our example form here

If you use the Callcredit API for credit checking there is no longer a need to reset your password after 90 days. We do it now automatically

So what's next?

We are currently adding a new server that will only accept application forms and restrict access to the main admin server. This adds additional data security to the site.

We are working on a new look for our forms. This is being implemented following user request so remember to let us have your suggestions for future improvements.

We are looking at conditional formatting so you can add questions to direct the next question. so if you ask 'are you a member?' the form will give different options to proceed.

Thanks for your continued support

Best wishes


CU Forms Ltd

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