We have set the pricing of cuForms to reflect the credit union sector, its pricing choice and its aspirations and created two simple models: Standard and Pay per Click.

The prices below allows for up to 1,000 forms per month to be submitted. If you think you would need more than this please ask us to quote separately. Alternatively, if you would like to bulk purchase forms to fit a grant application or business plan we can provide a separate price. 

  • A loan application that sends a credit agreement is one form submission

  • An application you reject will involve at least one form submission

All packages include a one off £500 implementation fee. This helps us work with you to get the best out of the system

Our Standard package provides 

  • One application form with standard workflow either loan or membership 

  • Online credit agreement with e-signature

  • Upload request form for requesting additional information

  • Auto-Generate PDF copies of forms to customers (eg Credit Agreement)

  • Standard email integration – email customers on approve/decline/refer

  • Standard address lookup – populate address from postcode.

  • Perform automated searches with Credit Reference Agencies

  • Assign applications to staff 

  • Onboard to your back office software

  • Form Designer, to allow:


    • amendments to membership and application forms

    • creation of additional basic forms, without workflow. 

Our Standard Package price is £250 per month.

Do the sums yourself and opt for our 'pay per click' pricing model. 

  • Standard package

  • £50 per month subscription and £0.50p for each form submitted

Additional features

In addittion to our Standard package we offer extra functionality to improve your processes

  • Automated mailing of credit agreement. (Remove the staff process of printing and mailing agreements from just £1.50 per mailing) - £250 set up fee to match your organisation

  • SMS responses for just £0.08p per text

  • Postcode lookup for just £0.06p per address match

  • Match your applications with your back office data. (Upload a daily output file from your back office software and on receipt of the application you can integrate current loan balance, current shares held etc saving you the need to look at your back office member record)  - £1,000 plus 15% annual maintenance. 

  • Credit control module - send text reminders, and letters automatically.  - £100 per month (Price includes letter templates to your specification)

  • New forms built to your specification - £,1,000 plus 15% annual maintenance. 

  • Communications module - Send email and or text campaigns as member loans are due to expire or run marketing campaigns- £50 per month 

  • Onsite training - £600 per day. 

CU Forms Ltd

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